Wall Channels extend my interest in forms of ubiquitous infrastructure, such as pipes and channels which have hardly changed over millennia. Like many things essential to (urban) life, they are usually only noticed when they spring a leak or stop working for some other reason. Essential but overlooked, ceramic was a common material for early pipes and channels and even today glazed stoneware pipes are still being produced. At the same time there has been a marked linguistic shift as we increasingly associate channels with data and broadcasting rather than water supply even, or especially when it comes to leaks; all the while we are piping ambient music into stores and lobbies.

Wall Channels are a playful reminder of the structural essentials hidden in the walls of our dwellings as they appear to emerge from the wall oozing vitrified liquids.

Wall Channel 2, 2020, 22cm x 20cm x 18cm
Wall Channel 1, 2020, 21cm x 19cm x 13cm