I have always been fascinated by the ways transformations in time are inscribed in objects. At present I am particularly drawn to archaeological fragments and the fragmentary in general as a way of relating to the past, and architectural models as visions of the future. In my work I create hybrids of the two, objects that are clearly fragments of something that is lost but at the scale of models and thus oriented also towards the future.
I like the idea of mobility - of memories, desires, fears and hopes - as part of the fragment as well as the model. With the former there is often a cataclysmic event that results in the scattering of fragments which become mobile in the way the original structure might not have been, whereas the model embodies the mobility of ideas that have yet to settle in a particular place. In my work I use simple geometric forms and clearly differentiated surfaces, smooth or highly textured with the imprints of various found natural materials. The surfaces are further defined and accentuated with contrasting glazes.

Close to Home, 2020

partially glazed stoneware, 60cm x 30cm x 32cm